The interior design includes measurements and drawing of the dwellings. On this basis we develop a plan of the interior and suggest various solutions for functional zoning, determining the walking lines and compositional placement of the interior`s elements. We redesign the existing walls if necessary and the structure permits it, and, if need be, we alsoprovide additional partitions.

We prepare the schemes needed for the corrections of installations (electrical, HVAC, water and sewage) as refine all inferences to the approved functional solution. The bathroom design includes a choice of plate`s series, a decision for their arrangement on the walls and floor, and a selection of sanitary ware and faucets. We make drawing of all selected floors and plan of the ceilings with the arrangement of the lighting fixtures.

We select and design the necessary furnishing. We draw the elevations of all walls of the rooms with the designed furniture, planned decorations, selected materials and colors, and all elements of the interior. We advise you in each of your choices of flooring and paint, doors and light fixtures, appliances and home textiles – all necessary for the project. We finalize the process with 3D adaptation, which includes the necessary number of sights for visualizing any room.

The result of all these activities is a product, composed of a myriad of particulars and details, each tiny bit of them gone through our hands and minds.