If you don’t need a full-fledged project, we can advise you on various matters, related to an upcoming renovation or refreshment of your home or office, reconstruction of an existing building or building a new one and in buying a real estate.

If you are buying a property under construction or its implementation is due, most building companies offer the option for changes during the construction. We can rearrange the dwellings and adjust the electrical, HVAC, water and sewage installations in accordance with your needs and requests. This will decrease your investment budget and save you time, because changes in finished properties lead to additional costs and extended realization period.

Also, if you are selling a property and it is unfinished or not in a good enough condition, we can prepare a two-dimensional or three-dimensional exemplary concept, which you can represent to potential buyers. This will add an extra value to your property and help you attract future owners faster.