We create functional and aesthetic architecture that is not just a place for our physical existence. We build holistic spaces where the body, the mind, the soul, all feelings, emotions and good changes live and occur together in harmony.

Interior design

We design residential, public and commercial zones, wherein you can perceive a hidden delicate luxury and class, regardless of the cost and size of the project. We transform and decorate the dwellings so that they provide daily comfort, relaxation and coziness.

Project management & realization

Our practice and experience have helped us associate with the best, most accurate and responsible partners, with whom we work out all of our projects. In the busy world we live in, our professional services will save you time, money and unwanted emotions.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Creation & Design
  • Realization

For us it is important to know what the purpose of the project, on which we will work, is, since a building or room can be very beautiful but, if they lack carefully conceived functionality and do not fulfill their basic purpose, their impact is strongly reduced.

Whether you assign us a project for exterior or interior, we’ll ask you what style you like and in addition – what you don’t like. This gives us a clarity about the visual aspects of our task and what we should avoid.

We will come up with a realistic budget, that matches your resources, our ideas and the desired vision all together. It will determine the boundaries of imaginative style, selected materials and the stages of implementation.

Once we are clear about function, style and budgethe very concept of the project will begin to shape up. We will choose the colors, materials and textures. The process of creation is a certain type of mechanism in itself. Each stage has its aims, requirements and specificity and cannot ignore the previous or the next phase.

This phase seems to be the essence of the entire process. We develop 2-dimensional drawings and after their approval we build everything in 3-D. We visualize the project with jeweler`s precision. The 3D adaptation helps everything that has been designed, specified and selected to resonate as one using light, scaling of real materials and the power of true colors.

We are engaged from start to end of our communication with the client so that the last detail during the realization of the project is taken care of. This guarantees quality implementation of a conceptual design on its way to becoming material. It would be a pity, if a wonderful concept were left unmanufactured or changed with the risk of losing its character.